Of Orcs and Men - Character Designs

Hell yeah badasses !
I'm glad to show you some pieces of my work on "Of Orcs and Men", as a character designer.
These designs were made in 2011 for this Dark Fantasy Badass video game , a RPG developped by Spiders Games and edited by Focus and Cyanide (all copyrights reserved)

Spiders website : http://www.spiders-games.com

Those were my first professional concept artist works, so I'm really thrilled to expose them now, even though they are full of wicknesses...
But I hope you will enjoy those dudes !


  1. Bon boulot! Tu a reussi a y mettre beaucoup d' atmosphere dans tes concept. C'est tres perso comme style! j' aime bien.

  2. Dommage que le zêlé soit pas comme ça dans le jeu.. Bien coolos les orcs en tout cas!
    T'as oublié les nains sinon :)

  3. Y a beaucoup de choses qui auraient pu être améliorées si elles avaient suivi tes designs ;)
    Never forget Arkence...........

    Ah ouais, faut que je retrouve les nains chelou :D